Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Procrastination, Tricks and Tips

Today I am procrastinating writing by writing or to be more specific blogging. Since I can't seem to focus on writing/rewriting John Dunham's Diary right now. I thought I would blog about my lack of progress.

I know that I need to put butt in chair, hands on keyboard. Or BIC HOK for short. No writing will get done unless, I have the means to write and set myself up to write. Even staring at a blank screen is better than not trying.

If nothing is coming to mind to put on the screen in front of me, I will begin to type whatever pops into my head. It could be as simple as the nights menu or maybe an activity I did yesterday. Or in my case right now... Blogging about procrastinating writing.

I have had the goodluck of having belonged to some awesome writing groups. So, I know many tricks to get the mind into a creative groove. Since I am procrastinating, I will share some ideas with you.

1. Pick 5-10 random words and work them into a story. For instance: threatening, clear, standby, smile, vitamin, fireworks, experience, jewelry. (I picked these words from t.v. commercials just now.)

2. Look in your books select a title, now write an original story using the title as inspiration. I choose "Bitten", a title by Kelly Armstrong.

3. Come up with a catchy, attention grabbing first line. Now build on it. My first line will take a bit of work, but in John Dunham's Diary, the first line is.... "Oh my God, oh my God... I remember everything! Please God let me forget again." I think that is an attention grabbing first line that would get me to continue reading to find out what John wishes to forget.

If theses tricks do not get the writing juices flowing, I will just start typing anything. Sometimes it's non writing related, sometimes I will begin to write from the P.O.V. of one of my characters. Maybe I'll have him (John, in this case.) answer questions about himself. This gives me a more in depth understanding of my character. Talking to my character helps me get a better grip on the story I am writing.

Unfortunately, the rewriting/editing process is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I wish I was one of those writers who enjoy that part of writing, but alas, I am not.

I am coming off a dry spell of not writing. Perhaps returning to a work that I have already written is not the best idea. My dilemma is that John deserves to have his story told and I want to share it with the world. I love the story, but it needs tweaking. Less telling and more showing, which is difficult when writing John's diary. Plot holes need fixed. Things need tightened up and grammar and punctuation needs corrected.

Fortunately, I know what needs to be done. All I need to do is do it! I hope that my blogging has helped get me on track as I hope my tricks help you as well.

In my procrastination, I have been writing haiku's to get my mind to begin creating and I combine them with pieces of my photography.

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