Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tapestry of Bronze Contest Winners Announced

The Odes to the Olympians contest winners have been announced. I am not a winner, nor an honorable mention. I think my poem was too funny for what they wanted. To read the winners poems go to

Just another Ode to Zeus

Zeus you were born of Titans,
Soon leaving your mark,
Claiming your god-head,
And reigning over gods and Greeks
From your throne on Olympus.

As a ruler you were lacking,
Doling out your anger on heaven and earth.
You cared not for others,
Much preferring yourself.

You cheated on your wife.
No females were safe from your roving eyes.
Both seduction and rape you did bestow,
Spreading your seed above and below.

Oh, how you must have raged
When another took your place.
Your power faded, though forgotten you’re not,
For another Ode has just been written for you!
March 7, 2008
Ask permission to use.

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