Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Life and Death

We all die. Unfortunately, that means that we lose people we love. And we grieve. Grief sometimes rears its ugly head for no good reason. I am not being fair to grief, because it's part of the healing process. We never forget those who have gone before, but we do learn to go on and even find happiness if we let it in.

Being happy does not detract from the love you had for the person or people you love. Hence, grief pops up to remind us that we have loved and lost. Even in the mist of a happy moment, grief might momentarily pop up. Just go with it and when the moment has passed, no matter how long the moment lasts, embrace your happiness. Nurture happiness and feed it. Don't feel guilty about being happy, our loved ones wouldn't want that.

The lesson I learned from the death of my husband is that life is short. So live life, don't sit around wishing for what was or what could have been. Do that thing you have always wanted to do. Let yourself fall in love. Be happy! Have no regrets!

I have found happiness again. And I have no regrets, because when I love, Ilove deeply. I loved my husband and I love Ralph. Love is what gets me through. First the love of myself and then love of others. Love got me through the death of my mother, the death of very dear friends and my husband. Love sustains me now.

In your darkest hour, let the light sustain you.


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