Saturday, June 22, 2013

On Writing...

I have been unable to write much since Ken died in December.  It's not that I can't... It's that I have been apathetic to writing.  I am beginning to dabble in writing once again.  Writing makes me happy and perhaps that is why it's taken me so long to be able to write again.  Though I am grieving still, it's not the overwhelming, heart-wrenching pain that I had been experience.  It's more of a sadness mixed with the bittersweet taste of tears.

Now that I am happy once again... Indeed happier than I have been, since my sweet husband began to get sick, I am writing again.

I may have to change my genre... I can't seem to find the darkness in me that has often shadowed my writing.  And you know what that is okay.  If I write happier things that reflect the happier me.  While my heart will forever belong to the supernatural, who can blame me for writing a cozy mystery?  Or a romance?  How about erotica?

This is where my thoughts are wondering and my writing has been reflecting a lighter side of me.

Good Writing!


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