Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easter

In a season filled with bunnies and baby chicks, not to mention all that candy, let us remember the true meaning of Easter. Jesus died to save us from sin. After three days he arose from death and ascended into Heaven. All for us mere mortals.

What if this hadn't happened where would we be? This is a very good question and I am sure that others have debated it for years. After all, not everyone believes that Jesus was God's son.

In my mind's eye, I see us surrounded by all the beasts that I write about. Vampires... Werewolves... and other Creatures of the Night! This is where my writer's mind takes over. One would think that my faith would preclude me from writing about such things, and I would have to disagree.

I have been fascinated by these things, since I was a girl. I, also, have been fascinated by the whole God in three persons that I was taught. So, I have included bits and pieces in my writing, even when I write about these creatures. I can't profess to know much about the bible, but I know enough to include references in my work. What I don't know I can look up or ask others who know more than me. (This is quite often.)

Someone came up with the Easter bunny, maybe as a way to make money from this Holy Day. It entices children to it. So, in a time filled with commercial things, keep in mind the original meaning of the day. Even if you don't believe that Jesus was the son of God or if you don't believe in God, remember those who have died for their beliefs today as we Christians celebrate the rising of Jesus who has saved us from our sins.

Happy Easter!


Elizabeth said...

Lies it's about the bunnies!!!!!!!!!!

Rita's Write said...

For Wicans like you perhaps. :P