Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Addding /Omitting Historical Facts

I am getting some great feedback from my second draft of Slayer/ John Dunham's Diary. I have some things that I need to add, change to make it a better novel. I can't wait for the final product. In fact, I am so excited that I am having concentrating.

This is frustrating, but I have time to look up some facts that I left out. (I simply did not want the reader to feel like they were getting a history lesson, but my brother says I should at least mention historical happenings. He had trouble reading the story simply because he was thinking about what I had left out.

So, I will go through and add some of the events taking place during this time period to make the diary more realistic. If you can get realistic when writing about a vampire slayer. I want the story to flow well for my readers and I want them to believe that Cain could really be walking the earth still.

I have to say out of all my stories, I love this one the most. I want my readers to feel the same.

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