Monday, December 27, 2010

Back in the Game

The writing game that is...

I have taken some time off from writing, not on purpose, but because I couldn't concentrate with my dog missing. Now that he is back and the holidays are almost behind us, I intend to get back in the writing habit.

I began today by putting out the Y-City Writers Forum December Newsletter and I am updating some of my blogs. I have 4 blogs + Y-City Writers Forum Blog. This is helping me focus on writing and writing things.

Tomorrow I will join some of my friends at Nichol's for a write-in. This will definitely get me back on track. I have an idea on what to do with John Dunham's Diary. I think I will select certain passages from the diary and use them as headings for the actual story. The more I think on it the better I like this idea. Hopefully, my fellow writers will have some feedback on the matter.

So there is always something you can do to get your mind back into a work mode. I may have to start going to my office. Actually, this is a friends house that is up for sale and I have permission to use it. Isn't that fabulous?

How do you get back in the writing habit after an absence? I really want to know so please leave a comment.


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