Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Want to write a book, but how do I start?

I hear this question often. The simple answer and the one that I stand by is to "Write"! If you don't write, you will never write a book! You don't need to have the skill, that comes with practice. All you need is the will. "But I don't have time.". Get rid of this excuse... I know a woman who writes on the subway on her phone. She managed 50,000+ words in November. All it takes is a little spare time. An hour here, 10 minutes there... Whatever works for you. It's best if you can set aside an hour each day to write, but this is not always possible. So, why not keep something to write with you, whether a pen and tablet or an electronic device, so that when you find yourself stuck in a long line you can jot down a line or two. You will find whatever works for you. If you want to learn style, take a book that you enjoy and emulate that author. How soon does the main character enter the story? Why do you like him or her? Pick out the ways the author made you feel for the characters. When does the action begin? Is there description? How much? Does the action ebb and flow? When does the climax begin? All these things help the story to work and you will need to find your niche. So, keep reading, writing and eventually you will find your style or voice. You may find that you like to write poetry or short stories instead of a full length novel and that is okay. Whatever quenches that need to put pen to paper/fingers to keyboard. GO FOR IT!

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