Thursday, July 21, 2011


I know I have spoken about dialect before, but yesterday I realized as I was listening to my niece speak. Then I remembered my own avoidance of saying didn't, wouldn't, shouldn't and couldn't. Not to mention that I have to think before I can pronounce kitten.

You see I was made fun of for the way I pronounce them. I still find myself saying ki'en, di'nt, etc. if I forget and use them."

For the life of me I can't remember the word Elizabeth used that I found funny. When I mentioned it to her and told her why I was concerned that she use it properly (because of the teasing I received), she told me that she doesn't care what other people think. This is a much more healthy outlook for life!

What does this have to do with dialect, you ask? Well, simply put, we need to keep in mind that all people from an area do not speak the same. Some might have had more education, some might have been teased, some just don't care. In other words, keep your dialect realistic, while making them individuals.

Look at the picture above. While all of us are now in the Zanesville area, do you think we all speak the same? The answer is no! Some of us have migrated to the area, while others are from Zanesville. We each have different backgrounds and experiences, which have colored our world and influence our speech!

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