Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Writing is something you can do almost anywhere. It's one of those great careers or hobbies that only requires a pen (pencil) and paper. You can always transfer it to your computer or type it up later if you are old school. Some of us even carry laptops with us wherever we go. I carry a pen and a tiny little note pad with me in my purse. That way I am always prepared. When that idea strikes I grab them and jot it down. It might be better to wait until you are at a stop light before doing this. I tried writing as I was driving once. I couldn't read it when I was done. Also, it's a little dangerous to do it while you are driving. One thing you can do is carry a recorder (Not a flute-a-phone. -this is what I called it when I was a kid) with you to allow you to get your ideas down a little safer and more plainly. It is terrible to have a great idea and not have anyway to remember it and then lose it when you are finally in front of your keyboard. I have a friend who jots down snippets of conversations, ideas, etc. If you say something she might want to use, she'll whip out her notebook. So the saying is true, "Careful or you'll end up in my novel." I have also seen this as play, script, story, song and poem. It's true that writers absorb the world around us. We may not always make a conscious decision to write you into our story, but we observe mannerisms, speech, dress, etc. that round out our fictional characters to make them more real, more believable. Writing your ideas down as you go about your day is perfect for those who are too busy to dedicate time to their writing! So, you too, can get your writing time in one stop light at a time, one checkout line at a time, when you sit down to eat or anywhere you happen to have a little down time. So get writing!

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