Thursday, April 22, 2010

Psycho Bitch from Hell- Dream vs. Reality

Many of you know that most of my stories are inspired by dreams. My story, The Uninvited, came from a dream or is that nightmare? I knew it was a story, because of the content. At least, I never hope to come across an evil murdering faerie in real life.

Occasionally, though, a story idea can slip in that seems so real it can be confused with reality. Yes, this is why I write... TO STAY HEALTHY! Hopefully, when the dream world/story ideas slip into reality, I will have a friend to set me straight. Recently, this confusion of reality slipped in and unfortunately cost me a dear friend.

Now, that I know the truth, I will begin to put words to paper. Hopefully, this will get the story out of my brain and into the surrealistic world on paper.

One other time my dream world affected me in real life. I kept dreaming about my twins. Now, I don't and can't have children, but I dreamed about a pair of dark haired children nonetheless. The dream kept reoccurring and I became more despondent. One day I decided to put fingers to keyboard and put the story on the screen... It came out of my head, dreams and wish-fulfillment into the more healthy world of a poem.

Here is that poem (well my version of a poem)...

For You

I rejoiced the day you were born, the pain of child birth quickly forgotten.
For you my dark haired twins were there to take its place.

You my handsome son came wailing into the world.
My beautiful daughter wails out did her brother’s a moment later.
Visions of all your future competitions floated before my eyes.

I was so happy the day I brought you home.
That night we lay down to sleep.
I lay contentedly with your cribs on either side of my bed.

I wake to a cry.
I get up to comfort you my twins.
I realize you were only a dream.

Now it is my sobs I hear.
I wonder why I dream of you.
For you my twins who were never meant to be.

I can hardly wait for sleep to return so that I can be with you, my dark haired twins.
---Rita L. Smith
March 5, 2008

This is why I need to begin a dream journal so that my imaginary world doesn't sneak into my real life.
I don't know if other writers have this problem, but I do. I cannot complain, because it spurs some really fun story lines. Other things inspire me, such as situations, a word or phrase, prompts, nature, etc. Wherever you find your muse, listen to her and go with the flow. You never know where it may lead you, but it might help you keep your sanity. ~Rita

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Jon said...

Great entry, Rita! That poem was really beautiful!