Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buddy Award

My facebook friend, Jon from Me vs. College The Life and Times of Jon Morgan has graced me with a Buddy Award. What a nice gift to wake up to on my 46th Birthday. After a tough morning, chasing my dog, Danny, falling down and still looking forward to a medical appointment this A.M. before I can relax for Open Mic at Weaselboy's at 7 this evening. Thank you Jon for thinking I deserve an award.

This time around the award is the Blogger Buddy Award, and the only rule is you have to pass it on to ten of your blogging buddies. It was actually pretty tough for me to decide on my ten, as I love all of you guys and I think of you all as friends. Finally I just went down the list of followers and picked ten that I feel especially close to.
  1. Summer from Summer Clark: A Writers Journey because I feel she deserves an award. She is also my friend.
  2. Kim from The Knack of Flying and A Touch of Writer's Blog because she is a prolific blogger and my friend.
  3. Frankie Furter from Frankly Speaking because he's the only dog I know with his own blog.
  4. Teresa from Homespun Poetry because she is the best poet I know with the biggest heart.
  5. Abby from Abby Tignor- I'm Not Write because she's a nice person.
  6. Mike from Mike Schultz Media because he is another great poet whom I know.
  7. Ron from Dirty Hippy Lawyer because I feel he deserves an award.
  8. Traci from Appalachian Woman because I like her and her furries.
  9. Kat from kat's random thoughts because she has welcomed me to Pen and Quill and let's me act in her plays.
  10. Barb from Cozy Craft because I feel she deserves an award.

A great big thank you to Jon, the people who made up this award and my friends.

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Frankie Furter said...

Thanks Rita. I really appreciate the award.