Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Write

How do I become a writer?

My advice is to simply write. You will never be a writer unless you write. Once you begin writing the next steps are simple...

  1. Get your work critiqued. Be sure you try to incorporate some of your critique partners advice.
  2. Get others opinions. Pass this around to impartial readers. Your family and friends may not give you their honest opinions. Listen to what they say.
  3. Tighten up your work.
  4. Do your homework on venues for your work. i.e. Know your genre and whether your write fiction or non-fiction, whether you have a novel, short story or flash fiction piece. Read guidelines of potential venues.
  5. Submit your work to publishers, editors in the appropriate market for your work. Remember that not all editors will like your work or be able to use your piece at the current time. Listen to their advice if given and incorporate it.
  6. Develop thick skin. Expect to be rejected.
  7. Keep on writing. Don't wait for a piece to be excepted before beginning the next piece. I suggest writing something each day.


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