Friday, January 22, 2010

Dreaming A Story

Last week I had a dream which has been playing in my mind over and over. It's a new story, it took me a couple of days to realize this... It took me a couple more to decide to write it, since it's outside my genre. (i.e. not a supernatural feel to it at all.) It's a love story, which is all I am going to give away today.

Yesterday a friend reminded me of my own words... Just write. I am doing just that. Sometimes, when I begin writing the story takes on a life of its own, so who knows it may end up supernatural instead.

Today I started writing my first chapter, introducing two of my key characters. Up until I started typing, I had no idea what the characters names would be, but they just flowed onto the screen. You see when I dream I am usually the lead character or I see everything from her or his point of view.

So, now I have committed myself to the storyline and am writing. It's hard to think that this one may take precedent over my other starts-Hitching A Ride, Full Moon, Saving Beauty and a few others. All of these stories with the exception of Saving Beauty have come to me in dreams.

So you may want to take note of your own dreams. One never knows when you will find inspiration from sleeping. Daniel Keyes once told his creative writing class that he keeps a notepad and pen (anti-gravity pen) on his nightstand to record ideas as soon as he awakens.

Remember just write!

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