Friday, December 5, 2008

Opening Night is finally here. This is me and Dan, we play a homeless couple, Hazel and Willy in the play. I am getting a fine case of opening night jitters. The Christmas Legacy runs tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.

If any of my fellow cast members are reading this... BREAK A LEG!!!


Agent HCL said...

seems ur a pet lover me to bt i don have any .... i'm 18 years pld and live in india.... what about you.
Still write assaumlly well.
please cheack my blog and post any comment if u like so that i can improve on my writing material.....

Rita's Write said...

Yes, I am a pet lover. As soon as I graduated from college I took in this stray cat and have had pets ever since.

I have checked out your blog and you write well. Keep up the good work. -Rita