Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yesterday, I took my kittens, Artemis and Renegade, to the animal shelter to be neutered. It was free for males, since the shelter is trying to control the kitten population. Personally, I wanted to intervene before the boys began spraying.

This picture is when they were babies. Now, they are seven months old. My, my how the time does fly.

Anyway, I went to pick them up at noon. The shelter people said they couldn't neuter Renegade, because she was a girl. Imagine my surprise. I am sure that both kittens looked the same when I got them. The shelter people says that happens with kittens sometimes. I have to admit that I hadn't looked recently.

Now, I'll need to pay to get Reny fixed. My husband calls it broke, because their parts don't work anymore.

I feel a little silly that I didn't realize I had a female kitten, after all Renegade reminded me of my dearly departed cat, Toma in many ways. Toma was over 20 when she died, I hope the same will be true for my other babies. -Rita

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