Friday, August 22, 2008

Have you been saved?

This was on a bumper sticker that I was following up Maple Avenue today. My first thought was, 'I didn't know I was in trouble."

I know some might say this is blasephemous. I just never understood the phrase. Being raised as a Catholic, I was under the impression that when Jesus died, he did so to save us from origional sin. So, then I guess the correct answer to that question is yes.

Do I still need to be saved? Maybe, but that depends on me and my relationship with God. And that is between me and God. It isn't up to anyone else to decide if I need to be saved. It is up to God.

God has been in my thoughts recently as he has just pulled me and my husband through some tight times. I wasn't worrying about not having any income, I felt things would work out. They have with the help of some friends, family and my own initiative. I credit God for pulling everything together and keeping me calm, especially in lieu of the fact that I stopped taking my Zoloft. Yes, I picked a bad time to see if I could do without the anti-anxiety drug. I made it through though with prayer and will power.

Anyway, the question Have you been saved, bugged me. -Rita

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