Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the Thirteenth Writing Prompt

It's Friday the 13...

My dad's birthday is on November Thirteenth. I always teased him about being born of Friday the thirteenth, when in reality it wasn't. His birthday has fallen on a Friday before. My dad and I have this kind of love hate relationship, I think dating back to my preteen years when he would call me brace face or four eyes. I have outgrown both my braces and my glasses, but I still can't resist getting a dig in here and there myself.

I don't for one second believe that Friday the Thirteenth is bad luck, but it sure makes for some interesting stories both real and imagined. Do you think the day is bad luck?

Write a story based on Friday the Thirteenth. It doesn't have to be long, though long is fine. Remember Flash Fiction can be less than 250 words. Or maybe you have a poem in mind. It doesn't have to be horror. You can base it on a true story. i.e. Crime going up, babies being born, etc.

Get those creative brain cells working and write an original story.

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