Monday, May 5, 2008

Violets and Dandylions

Violets and Dandylions are a sure signs of spring. These hardy little flowers that many people try to defeat add color to an otherwise green lawn. I for one don't despise this burst of color. Maybe, that's the kid in me?

Violets are a hardy ground cover that can be mowed and the tiny little flowers will grow back. Dandylions are actually a useful herb. Their leaves can be used for salads or cooked for their greens. Wine can be made from this versatile weed. Plus, children love to gather these lovely yellow blooms for their moms. Or they will make wishes by blowing the white seed into the wind. I would rather embrace these two hardy flowers than to fight them.-Rita

Violets and Dandylions

Violets your colors are true. White, pink and purple. Through snow, rain and winds you prevail. Keep on gracing my yard with your presence.

Dandylions you rear your yellow heads. The mower doesn't keep you down. Against our best efforts you prevail. When yellow turns to white you spread your seed.

Violets and Dandylions don't let me down. Keep adding color to my field of green. Spreading your joy to both young and old. -Rita Lynn

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