Friday, May 2, 2008

Still beautiful. The mowers were here bright and early this morning, I almost slept through them. The rain seems to have went around us, yeah!

I did some house work.

I wrote two short stories and submitted one of them to the Chick Lit Review. I hope it is chosen. This story was from a prompt given by a friend from the Y-City Writer's Group way back in April. Fool me once... was the prompt and it is the name of the Chick Lit story I wrote.

I tried to use the prompt to do a short story with Lucky, but the only story that wanted to be told seemed to be a story I have seen over and over on TV. I did write the story, but I doubt I'll ever do anything with it.

As usual, I am blogging. Boy can I talk.

Here is a prompt I got from:
Write anything using 'A chapter of loathing'.

Don't forget to submit your work. Keep on Writing-Rita

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