Sunday, May 4, 2008

Poetry Readings at Java House

This event was a great success for both the Y-City Writers and Java House. A mere six of us from the writer's group showed up. However, we had over twenty people coming and going from the event.

It was a good thing that we had such a big turnout, because they kept us going. In fact, two people volunteered to begin. This was a very good thing since The Y-City Writers had a sudden case of shyness. We did eventually come around and most of us read our poetry or stories.

There are many talented people in Zanesville and I am glad so many turned out for the poetry readings. The age ranged from young adults to the over 50 crowd. There was a variety of styles and even a few young adults who read from their class notes. Well, not really notes, but a collection of observations. It was great fun.

This will probably be a monthly event. I will keep you updated on future developments.-Rita

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