Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All's Quiet on the Western Front... Make that Mid-western front.

The pets and hubby are napping. I am just clicking away on this old keyboard. It is a quiet afternoon. I think I will join everyone for a nap after I post this blog.

I took some pictures of my flowers. I will post them tomorrow. Taking pictures seem to help me in my writing.

Speaking of writing, my niece is going to have her poem published in an anthology of poems. has selected her for this honor. I am proud of my little BusyBeth though she is all grown up now. I really haven't called her by her nickname for a very long time. It brings back sweet memories of this beautiful baby who was always on the go from the time she learned to walk. Alas, it is also true today. The child only slows down when she is sleeping.

There's a lesson in here someplace. If you write it, submit it. If you are not writing then write and then submit it. -Rita

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