Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Pastiche

I have been looking for different ways to write poetry. I came across a Pastiche, though for the life of me, I can't find the site that gave me the idea today!

This site said to take a stanza from a well known poem and make it your own.

In writing a Pastiche:
  1. The idiom is totally different.
  2. The lines end with nonsense rhymes.
  3. The piece is ruined with the smallest possible change.
  4. The piece looks fresh and contemporary.

Wikipedia gives the meaning of Pastiche as hodgepodge or imitation.

Here is my attempt at rewriting an Emily Dickinson poem:

A Hummingbird and A Rose

  • Leaf, petal and thorn.
  • A hummingbird sounds its horn.
  • Wings a flutter,
  • they do clutter --
  • around my petals to drink,
  • until filled to the brink.
  • They do fly with the breeze
  • only to alight in the trees.

This is a rough draft, so be kind. -Rita

p.s. I am having trouble with my html today. I guess I am having brain fog...

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