Monday, March 3, 2008

Writing With Distractions

How do you write with a multitude of distractions? Unless, you are single and reclusive each and everyone of us is prone to face distractions during our peak writing hours. So how do we deal with these distractions?

I know everyone has there own techniques for dealing with distractions. I am an unpaid writer so maybe my husband does not take my writing seriously, yet. Plus, I have 3 demanding dogs. Yes, I said dogs, not children. At least with children, as they get older you might be able to explain your need for uninterrupted time. I, also, have two cats, but they are content to lay beside me as I work.

I know some might say that blogging is a distraction as well. And they would be right. But blogging is, also, an outlet. It allows one to vent, offer advice and write totally uninhibited by conventions.

When my husband is not working, I take some time off from writing, but I squeeze in some here and there when he is otherwise occupied. I have found that keeping a notebook beside me gives me a quick way to jot down new ideas or work on my current story as ideas flow into my mind.

When Ken goes back to work, I will be able to sit down and hopefully, make up for my lack of progress.

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