Monday, March 3, 2008


Today the weather is down right balmy here in Ohio. It actually was in the high 60's. That is the nice thing about Ohio, 'If you don't like the weather, just blink and it will change.' Seriously though we have had a very mild winter, much of it warm like today. This suits me just fine as I really hate the cold, having spent the majority of my growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My family were, also, stationed in Alaska until I was about five and then we were stationed in New York before that stay in Vegas. Yes, before you ask, my dad was military. He was in the US-Air Force for over twenty years. As a whole, we did not move as much as other families, but it was still hard on us at times. I think that is where I got my wander lust from.

I mean this is the longest I have lived in one place my entire adult life. I am already trying to talk my husband into moving closer to family when he retires in a few years. Heck, if he was transferred out of state, I would be ready to go. Fortunately, I only have pets that would have to make the adjustment.

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