Tuesday, March 25, 2008


March winds, April shower bring for May flowers. Such a simple little poem. We have known it since grade school.

March comes in like a lamb and out like a lion is another adage we learned in our early years.

March, also, brings my birthday. Every year ready or not here it comes. Fortunately, aging doesn't really phase me. Though at times, I wish I could go back to pre-autoimmune disease days...

Since we can't turn back time and there are no amazing cure-alls, I have to take what life has dealt to me. In order for me to get from one day to another, I have to remember that things are not so bad. I am alive! I can move about freely, though not as fast as I'd like to at times. Most of all I am loved.

So today I am another year older. I celebrate my life, my parents who created me, my brother and sister who grew up with me, my husband who puts up with me and my pets who love me unconditionally. -RS

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