Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Writer's Group

Well, I finally attended that writers group. I liked it. The people in the group are friendly and talented. They all want to be published. I think the desire to be published is more important than being a good writer. As with everything practice makes perfect.

I have been working on Twilight Dance and have submitted to some of the members for critique. I am quite nervous to have people I know read my stuff. One of the members said my story is getting "rave reviews." That is good news, but I know their is still room for criticism.

I was unable to attend yesterday's meeting so my agony is postponed for two more weeks.

By the way, how is the weather where you are from? In this part of Ohio it is freezing cold and has been snowing all day. I hate winter, but atleast I do not have to go outside, unless I have to untangle my dogs.

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