Thursday, February 28, 2008

Goal Setting

It is always a good idea to set goals for yourself. It is especially important for us procrastinators. I for one will leave things for the last minute, which does not work when trying to complete a novel. It may work for short stories if you are a good writer, but if you are like me you will need to edit and reedit before you are finished. This will not be possible in a time crunch.

I have found setting long term goals, while important, are not wholly helpful with procrastinators. An intermediate goal is good, but not wholly helpful for me, a procrastinator of everything. For me, it is important to set shorter, more attainable goals. These must be goals that you can achieve. For instance, I have set daily goals of writing two pages on my story. I can do this and it has been effective.

1. Set a long term goal.
2. Set an intermediate goal.
3. Set a short term goal.
My Goals:
1. To become a published author.
2. To complete my story, in this case Twilight Dance.
3. To write two pages of my chosen story daily.
This allows me to focus on other things, since in addition to procrastination, I have a multitude of ideas floating through my head.

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