Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shut Up, Monkey

Yesterday, I was reminded about how insecure many writers are with their work.  Some people don't call themselves writers, even though they have been writing for years and getting published.  We're often afraid that people will find out we're frauds.  I mean, anyone can write, right?  No.

Though people can write, many do not have the drive to write like many of us.  That compulsion deep down inside us that keeps us writing.  Or those voices in our heads, who refused to be silenced until we give them a voice in our writing.

We are an insecure lot.  We have that voice that tells us, we are not good.  How do you silence the voice?  At The Central Ohio Fiction Writers Conference, Karen Austin said to name that fear.  Naming it takes some of its power away.  She called her "Monkey".  Whenever that voice of doubt niggles at her she tells it to shut up. Karen had a monkey toy that she could talk to, yell at or throw.  Do what ever it takes to silence that voice.  You don't want to allow your fear to hinder your ability to make money.

So the next time you are feeling doubt tell that monkey to SHUT UP!


Heidi Durig Heiby said...

so true, Rita! I need to get one of Anna's stuffed animals for my "monkey." By the way, I love your new picture. You look so nice!!!


Rita L Smith said...

Thank you, Heidi. You could use the dog that was in our gift bag!