Thursday, September 8, 2011

Taking Chances

Have you ever written something for a contest knowing that it won't win, because its the wrong genre?  Or what you think is the wrong genre?

I took a chance on my supernatural piece "The Crock", believing that it wouldn't stand a chance of winning since previous winners wrote very different... Including myself who one last year for my romance, "A Mother's Gift". 

Well, I received a voicemail telling me that I placed and they would like me to be at the awards ceremony on Saturday.

Always stay true to who you are as a writer and you won't go wrong.  I wrote a piece that was from my heart after several starts on lighter pieces.  When I decided to stop trying, the story I submitted came to me fairly quickly.  So, as you can see, occasionally you need to take chances with your writing.

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Diandra said...

Congratulations! Sometimes a story is just place in the wrong competition, and sometimes it is still good enough to win.