Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Writers Block

I seem to be in a writing slump. I am used to turning out 3 flash fiction stories a week. I cannot seem to get back to that. And I have been unable to do that. Maybe flash fiction was just a stepping stone to writing novels. I guess I should decide what I want to work on next and just begin.

I have been working on some shorter pieces, I don't think I'll ever be able to give it totally up. I just have been able to write so many.

So, how does one overcome writers block?

1. Change of scenery - if your usual writing spot isn't helping you write go somewhere else. (Some people take a walk, sit in coffee shops/malls/restaurants and listen to conversations.)

2. Brain Storming or outlining (I am a pantser so outlining is difficult for me, but I have done it on my first novel attempt which I was able to complete.)

3. Carry a notebook and pen with you so you can jot down ideas as they come to you. (I have a small one that fits in my purse.) Some might benefit from having a tape recorder, especially when you are driving.

4. Begin writing anything. This may help break loose those writing thoughts.

5. Write everyday! They say to implement a schedule, but sometimes just the process of writing everyday is helpful.

6. Try writing exercises.

7. Make deadlines and keep them.

See Purdue Owl's tips. I found some good tips on About.com.

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Diandra said...

Good tips! For me, writing does it. I've never found that I couldn't write at all, but sometimes I am unable to write what I am supposed to be writing... then I either work on some blog post, e-mail or letter, or I just start something and wait where it takes me. ^^

(To avoid writer's blog, it helps to always have the same setting - most of all, lighting incense now puts me in the writing mood, although that was more an accident... I get up extra-early, meditate and then write in the same room... *lol*)