Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pitch Hitting

I am hoping to hit one out of the ball park when I pitch John Dunham's Diary to Tor this Saturday at the Cleveland Rocks Romance Conference.

I figure I might as well, since the worse thing they will say is no! This is something that all writers need to keep in mind when submitting your work is that you will get rejected sometimes. Hopefully, you will take any comments editors offer and make your stories better.

If your work is continuously turned down you might want to look at it - the quality of your writing, the marketability, etc.

I know the market is saturated with vampire novels right now. I can only hope that John Dunham's Diary puts a different slant on the subject. After all, my antagonist is not a vampire. Hopefully, that will help sell this book.

The main problem I am having is trying to decide which genre or sub-genre my novel fits in. One of my first readers/critiquers told me that it is a supernatural mystery thriller. Is that even possible?

So here's hoping for a home run!!! Oh, I am a pessimist, who hopes for the best.