Monday, April 18, 2011


I have been distracted from my writing! I read this weekend, went to a play and not to mention all the other things that have distracted me this weekend. The weather is probably the worst culprit. I can justify the reading and the play (Since these are writing related), but I broke my own rule and didn't write anything this weekend. So now, I have poetry to catch up on for the poem a day challenge. Yes, I realize that defeats the purpose of a Poem-A-Day! I have some re-writing to do. And a new story is floating in my mind! So what distracts you from writing?

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April_Baby10 said...

Everything can distract me.........if I let it. :) I think it's important to set a time or develop a schedule, even an extremely loose one (like writing whenever you find yourself in Starbucks), for writing, yet remain flexible and realize the same time every day might not work due to other events and such. Therefore, if you're flexible and sensitive to your surroundings and moods, you might not want to write at a particular moment, but you can decide to do it at another, better time, as long as you hold yourself to doing it. Surprisingly, I can write without being "in the mood," and still produce unexpected, delightful pieces. In the same vein, I find emotional highs sometimes work for me, especially with poetry, and I find myself writing at unplanned times. Once again, I think flexibility is key and a writer should know themselves and what works best for them. It will be interesting to see what works for other writers :)