Monday, April 11, 2011

Business or Pleasure?

Is your writing a business or hobby? Whichever you choose, your writing should always be a pleasure. If you don't enjoy writing (I am talking about fiction.) then chances are your writing will not grow. For me, it's all about improving my craft. Since I joined the Y-City Writers in February of 2008, my writing has improved. I have, finally, found my voice and it's a dark one... But it's my voice! My writing has improved, because I listen to feedback, whether it's good or bad. Sometimes, a writer can use a little negative feedback. I have been lucky, no one has chosen to use their words to try to destroy my work and me in the process. Though, sometimes, I have wished for a little more - criticism -with less praise. I enjoy the process of writing... I want others to enjoy it as well. Critique groups are not for everyone. If you are really insecure, then perhaps you should not have your work critiqued by others. Though if you want your work to be the best it can be, a critique may be the thing for you. The trick is to take what you want from the critique and use it to improve your work. If you only choose the positive stuff or only use the punctuation, you will not grow as a writer. So, decide if you want to improve your work and then find what works best for you. Remember, rejection is par for the course. Not everyone will like your work. I should know because I write supernatural stories. When I tell people that I write about vampires, shapeshifters and witches, I am often met with frowns or people flat out saying they don't read that trash. Yet, I enjoy it, and so do others. Make sure you enjoy your work, always! Oh, a young man gave me some advice on commas, yesterday. He said, "If you think it needs a comma, then use it." Do you think this will help my "No Comma Sense?"

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