Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

I hear people say all the time things like... "I wish I could write, I have a lot to say!" or "If someone would write about my life, it would be a best seller." or "I want to write a book, but I don't have the time."

How does one respond to these people? I guess there are many ways to respond, but the simple answer is... "Start writing down your thoughts about your life or story idea." After all if they just talk about it, it won't get done."

So, maybe they won't have a best seller right away, but they are one step closer to it. Practice does indeed make perfect! Okay, maybe not perfect, but it's better than not practicing.

The next step is to share their writing in a group of other writers where they can get feedback on the piece. Listening to critiques from others and trying to implement some of the suggestions will only make the work stronger. (Notice I didn't suggest using all the feedback, some the writer will disregard. And this is okay!)

When you make these changes your work will improve... Soon you will incorporate some of the suggestions automatically in your new pieces.

So my suggestion is if you think you have a story in you then write it. (Even if you only write for a few minutes a day, at least you are writing.) Join a writing group and grow as a writer. Everyone starts off a beginner, most of us continue to learn to improve our writing and our goal is not to be an expert, but to be published. (And adored! ~just kidding!)

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