Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some things I have learned...

After the 2010 Y-City Writers Conference, I came home with all kinds of ideas. The main thing that we as writers need to realize that there are all kinds of things that keep us from achieving our goals. So how can we overcome these road blocks?

First of all what keeps you from writing? For me it's (the excuse is) I don't have enough time. So, how do I make enough time? First list what you do in one day.

  1. I wake up.
  2. 2 turn on the computer.
  3. Let two dogs out.
  4. Feed the cats.
  5. Take care of nature.
  6. Feed the dogs
  7. Let the other 2 dogs out.
  8. Play Farmville for 2 hours while I wake up.

That's just from 6-8 AM. Which of these things can I change? The only one I can see that I can change is Farmville. If I stop playing farmville, I can free up 2 hours of my time. Voila- I just got rid of one excuse. So, I need to do something writing related with this extra time. If it's true that I am still sleep addled, perhaps I can do research on my next story or find a prompt or prompts to write about... Or I can simply began writing. Whatever I decide to do here is infinitely better than playing farmville.

By the end of today- Come up with one thing that you can change to free up your writing time.

(Tiffany Colter is the one who gave me this advice.)

~Rita L. Smith

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