Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beyond the Dark Edge of the Woods by Linda Regula

Beyond the Dark Edge of the Woods is a captivating young adult novel. It literally brings the reader to the edge and leaves one wanting more. Author Linda Regula paints a story as beautifully as she paints a picture. This reader enjoyed the book and could not put it down. I eagerly await the sequel to the book.

About Beyond the Dark Edge of the Woods: Micah Grant discovers an amazing secret about herself when her mother inherits Mist House. Micah is The Keeper. It is her duty to protect the woods and people from Mind Catchers- beings who can take over the mind of humans.

Micah frees the souls who have been trapped by an evil wizard, except one who interrupted the ceremony to steal his lock of hair, so that he could remain immortal. Now the Grants assist the Knight family who have been imprisoned for 200 years assimilate into today's society.

As young love blooms between Micah and Seth Knight, Micah is troubled by her failure to save Seth's twin and the trees in her woods that are dying from a mysterious illness.

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