Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Writing with Themes

It has recently come to my attention that many people don't like to write to themes or prompts. Personally, I find some prompts easier to write to than others.

Sparking an idea...

Sometimes I have to let a theme to soak in. Permeate the layers of my brain before I can write to it. When the germ of an idea takes hold than I have to play with it in my mind before the story unfolds.

Other times an idea will come to me as soon as I see the prompt. At these times all I have to do is put my butt in the chair and start to type. I like these times the best. Who wouldn't like easy?

The newest theme I am playing with is Dead Silence for the 2010 Y-City Writers Conference Contest. I have a flash story, which I just need to tweak a bit, a poem and another story that's in progress. Then I will have to decide which one to submit.

I'd like to hear how you feel about themes or prompts. Tell me how do you get your ideas when given a prompt?

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