Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally A Perfect Ending!

Twilight Dance finally has an ending. Not only that it has a middle too. Some of what I wrote this month might go by the wayside in the re-writes. For now I am celebrating!!!

Tomorrow I will begin to read what I wrote to see if I left any holes, how the story flows, etc. Then it's time to be an editor. That means getting rid of passive verbs, correcting areas where I am telling the story instead of showing it. Oh, I know I'll have to fill in some scenery as well, since I have been writing flash fiction this past 2 years.

Friday, I meet with my partners in crime, I mean friends who have also completed their novels and we will start our critique group.



Jon said...

Congrats Rita!!!!
Whooo hooo!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

yay i should have the pic then but christmas ill set up a time with chelsey then but i need those forms i lost them....

Anonymous said...

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