Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid

I received an honorable mention for Daddy's Special Girl in the Ceramic Museum's writing contest, Theme is Pottery. Congratulations goes out to my friends Heidi Durig Heiby and Summer K. Clark for taking 2nd and 3rd place.

So once again, people liked my story, but it still didn't win. I know that I write flash fiction and everyone doesn't like stories under 1000 words. Now, my dilemna is what do I need to do to make my flash fiction winners?

One way to make my stories better is to spend more time on them. I write and then I am finished. I will start looking them over atleast 3 days later and then give them to a friend to look over. If the friend has any questions, then I probably should answer them before submitting it. I should give them to another writer to look for more technical errors.

If I follow my own advice maybe I will become the bride finally.

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