Thursday, July 2, 2009

For a writer getting your name out there is almost as important as getting your work out there. Writers want to be recognized, so that when their next title comes out people will buy it.How does a writer go about doing this?
  1. Network: Go to writing workshops, join a writing group, participate in community events, such as poetry readings or open mics, contests, etc.
  2. Join Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
  3. Leave comments on blogs with your name.
  4. Blog about your work, writing or interesting everyday stuff.
  5. Get your own website. This should be easily searched. i.e. or

Do the above and you may make a name for yourself, before you are ready to publish your book.
Even though I have yet to complete my novel, I have recently created my website. I have blogs (too many) and am on the three communities I listed above.

Rita L. Smith

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