Friday, January 30, 2009


One thing I learned during Nano this year is that you must write everyday! It doesn't matter if you're tired, sick or just don't feel like writing. You need to put your butt in your favorite chair/writing place, put your fingers to your keyboard/pen in hand and start writing! That is how I was able to get almost half my goal of 50,000 words accomplished.

Now I need to get back to finishing that novel I began in November, so I will be dedicating February to doing so. That means I may not be blogging too much next month, since I want to keep up on my flash fiction writing as well.

I will try to drop a note now and then, perhaps a prompt or two.

For now I leave you with the prompt... After procurring your keys/key card for your motel room, you enter your room to find someone else sleeping there. What do you do?

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Kerrie said...

Good luck with your novel. As long as you do follow the BIC (butt in chair) rule, you will get it done.

Happy writing!