Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Busy and Getting Down to Business

I have been keeping myself busy. I am trying to get back into shape, so I am doing Tai Chi every Monday. Of course, I need to do it the rest of the week as well. I am working on this.

I am in a play, which premieres this Friday in Crooksville. For times and ticket information go to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Theater Guild.

I have been writing everyday, or as much as my health will allow. I am involved in two writing groups. One here in Zanesville and the other in Crooksville.

I am trying to find something that I can do to make money. I have decided to try pet sitting. I think this is something that will allow me a little versatility... If I need a short nap, I can take one as long as my charges have their needs met. As a rule there aren't many flourescent lights in peoples homes, so that is one trigger I can avoid in my new venture. For information about hiring me to pet sit go to my blog, Pet Sitter.

Lastly, I am making Christmas gifts this year. I like doing this and it will save money, something which is necessary since Ken is no longer working and has been denied his short term disability.

I am remaining positive. That amazes me. I thought after going off of my Zoloft that my emotions would be bouncing all over the place, but I am amazingly level. I guess, the Lyrica is effective for one of the FMS symptoms.

So far, I have not presented any new symptoms and I pray I never will. Especially, if the new symptoms will lead to a diagnosis of Lupus, which my blood tested positive for. I am not worrying over every little nuiance of these chronic illnesses, which helps tremendously.

When I first became ill, everything happened at once and I can't help wonder if I contributed to the severity of the symptoms by worrying about what could happen next. Once I left the stress of work and got off a medication that zapped my energy, my symptoms lessened. My next step was to force myself to get out of bed. This is the hardest thing to do when your body is hurting and fatigued, but you must do it if you want to live. Staying in bed is not living.

I will come off my soap box, but I want to tell you all to get out their and have fun. Join some activities, get involved in something that you want to do. LIVE!!!

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