Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Joining a Writers Group Has Done For Me

I am a member of The Y-City Writers Forum. Since joining the group in February of 2008, I have been writing more. It took me two years since I first discovered the group to actually attend it. Talk about procrastination!

I have been trying different forms of writing, including poetry. I haven't got that natural cadence that poets have, but I have turned out some decent stuff if only in my own mind. I enjoy flash fiction the most, because it gives the characters in my head a chance to escape. Hopefully, allowing me to concentrate on my novels.

I have met many interesting people through the group. This has allowed me to branch out and get involved in other projects and groups. I am finally being the me I always imagined I was. Does that make sense? Before I decided to attend my first Y-City Writers Forum meeting, I had been holed up in this tiny little house with only my pets, husband due to these stupid health problems.

This is the first time since I stopped working that I have felt excited about life. In the future, I must remember to get out and socialize even when I am having a hard time! It makes the pain and discomfort easier to deal with if you don't have only it to focus on.

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