Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hope Lost

The people at Thin Threads had me hoping that I might actually be accepted for print. I submitted a story called The Trouble with Tarot. I know, probably not the best title, but it is what I came up with at the time.

I made it up to the finals with 149 other writers. The Thin Threads people said they were looking for 75-100 stories for their first collection of stories. I figured that maybe I just might have a chance.

I wasn't disheartened when I didn't win the first place spot, after all I have problems writing non-fictional personal stories. Still, the hope was there.

So, when I checked the list of authors who were selected, I was a bit disappointed. Though after examining the categories and titles of the winners, I don't know where my story would have fit. I mean mine was a bit supernatural, albeit true.

I will continue to submit my work! I will work on making my personal accounts of my life more interesting.

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