Friday, October 17, 2008

Corky is happy in her new home. She gets to go for walks several times a day, which is good since she doesn't have any playmates, while her new owner is at work. I miss her happy little face! Molly is relieved to not have Corky here anymore. She hasn't been attacked since Corky left. She is starting to sleep in bed again. She is too old to sleep on the floor. (9 years as opposed to Corky's 2 years.)

Dinny misses his playmate, but seems to be coping pretty well. I am amazed at the adaptivity of dogs. Out of site is truly out of mind, even when faced with a new environment.

Danny doesn't seem to care one way or another.

The kittens do miss her a bit. I mean, Renegade misses her scratching post. Corky certainly had patience with the youngsters.

Jewel and Lazarus are indifferent.

Ken misses her a lot. -Rita

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