Monday, October 20, 2008

Branching Out

Normally when a writer says she is branching out, it means she is still writing. Maybe, just trying new things to make money.

In this case it means that I am going to be in a play. The Christmas Legacy has been written by three members of the Pen & Quill Writers Group and will be produced by the Southeastern Ohio Regional Theater Guild.

Call now to reserve tickets: (740) 982-8064
Play date: December 5th and 6th at 8:00, December 7th at 3:00

I will have a speaking part. Finally, I am living up to my other childhood dream of acting. Okay, so maybe I won't become famous, but I will have fun! At my age isn't fun what life is all about?

Please make room on your calenders to come out and see me and my fellow thespians perform this original show.

November will be very busy for me. Between play rehearsals, the writers conference, writing groups and NaNoWriMo.

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