Saturday, September 20, 2008

Puppy Sitting
I have been puppy sitting this past week. They are easy to sit with as they usually sleep most of the time their owner is gone. The day I took this picture, they were play fighting and running most of the day. I guess, they like cooler weather. Also, the power was out from the storms we had over the weekend, so they didn't have air conditioning. They are spoiled pups.

Loki is the St. Bernard and Ming Fou is the Chow Chow. Aren't they a cute couple?

Ming rules her big friend. It might appear that Loki has the upper hand, but Ming darts in and out of his legs, biting his tail and only getting caught when she wants to be.

My Family

Finally, a good picture of Artemis. He, usually, looks like a shadow in pictures with a vague cat shape.

Look 2 pictures of Artemis. This time with his brother, Renegade. See the little piece of dog food? The boys like to play soccer, using the drain as their goal. Silly, boys. Don't they know that stops up the tub?

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