Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Y-City Writers Conference

I have been busy collecting donations for the conference... I am soliciting by email, snail mail, telephone and in person. I have been impressed with the responses I have gotten from established and new authors, businesses both local and nationwide and magazines. I guess what they say is true...It never hurts to ask.

For the first part of last week it felt like Christmas at my house. I was getting so many packages, the postman was probably wondering what was up. I, myself, felt like a kid in a toy store...or would it be more appropriate to say I felt like myself in a bookstore. The hardest thing to realize was that I am not allowed to read the books I have collected for the donations. Maybe, I should have had the authors send two sets of books. LOL!!! I will just have to go purchase the ones I haven't read.

The speaker slots are filling up. I was worried about this since it is so near the end of the year. I needed to adopt our illustrious leader's more laid back approach. If only!!!

Anyway, check out the conference blog at and the Y-City Writers site at for more news on the conference. -Rita

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