Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have been busy with the Y-City Writers' Forum and the conference. I am going to be concentrating more on getting local donations now. That doesn't mean I won't ask an author or more for a donation now and then. I certainly will accept any donation that someone wants to send me. :) It just means that I will work on getting donations from local businesses.

I need to find time for my writing. This means getting out of the house and away from this computer. So, that I don't have the distractions. I think, I will go to the Ladybug Coffee Galleries once or twice a week. I do love that place.

Since my husband is no longer working, we are spending more time together. That is if he can pull me away from this spot.

I, definitely, need to do what my health coach has suggested and set up a schedule. I need to write, exercise, socialize, spend time with the family, etc.

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